Herkimer Diamond Mines

One my first Herkimer Diamond Crystals!

I found this on a hike to a work of Herkimers beautiful secluded location in Herkimer County NY. This stone inspired me to dive back into rock collecting and re-sparked my interest in geology. As a child I spent countless hours roaming the fields across from my house in Upstate NY. These are some of earliest memories as a child. I would walk for hours and fill up buckets and bring them home to drive my parents and drive them crazy. Later at about the age of 8 or 9 years old my mother took me ad m brother camping at the Herkimer Diamond Mines KOA Diamond Mines in Middlevile NY further expanding my love of rocks and geology.

Recent Herkimer Sugar Druzy Find!

This is one of my latest Herkimer Druzy (or Druse)bfinds. I absolutely love Herkimer Druzy, its one of my favorite things. This particular piece reminds me of a me of a geode that you could find in a more exotic locations, such as Mexico or the western United States! Sugar Druzy is hard to find and I count this as one my top discoveries. The crystal structure is quite solid and sparkles quite a bit in the light.

Herkimer Druzy
Herkimer Diamond Druzy

This specimen was found in Herkimer county NY (AKA the Herkimer Diamond District).