Herkimer Diamond Druzy

Herkimer diamond Druzy
Herkimer diamond druzy grows inside the cavity’s that form Herkimer Diamonds. Typically found in pockets embedded in dolostone formed over millions of years. Druzy or technically Druse is found all over the world. Herkimer Druzy is usually thousands of small crystals in uniformly lined together. There various flavours odf druzy depending on the locality. Some Druzy can be described as sugar druzy do to its sugary appearance and it is highly sought after. Druzy can left natural cut to shape. Quite often its a nice display for home decor or on your desk. Druzy makes a great gift for a the rock collector in your life and is often used in spiritual practices. All of our Druzy is sourced in the local mines of the Herkimer Diamond District in upstate NY. Sometimes it is found out in nature and be tumbled in the creeks and rivers of beautiful upstate NY. None of of our crystals come from China or Afghanistan and are 100% Authentic.

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