What is a Herkimer Diamond?

A unique name for a beautiful stone… exactly what is a Herkimer diamond, you may be asking. A Herkimer diamond is actually a type of quartz crystal. It’s known for its clarity and its special feature of reaching a point at both ends, also known as being “doubly terminated.” This happens because the crystal grows away from the rock where it originally formed.

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Where can I find Herkimer Diamonds?

Answer: You can find Herkimer Diamonds in the Little Falls Dolostone formation in Upstate NY. More Specifically they very prevalent in the Middleville NY area. There are two public operating mines that are open to the general public. Ace of Diamond Mines and Herkimer Diamond Mines both located in Middleville. Herkimer Diamond

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Recent Herkimer Sugar Druzy Find!

This is one of my latest Herkimer Druzy (or Druse)bfinds. I absolutely love Herkimer Druzy, its one of my favorite things. This particular piece reminds me of a me of a geode that you could find in a more exotic locations, such as Mexico or the western United States! Sugar Druzy is hard to find and I count this as one my top discoveries. The crystal structure is quite solid and sparkles quite a…

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