Herkimer Diamonds

5 Must-Try Herkimer Diamond Uses

Luckily, the Herkimer diamond is surprisingly affordable for its many special properties. There are several Herkimer diamond uses that can benefit you.

The crystal’s clarity and brilliance often rival that of a carbon-based diamond, which is how it got its name. The most powerful of the quartz crystals, the Herkimer diamond’s bright light also has numerous metaphysical effects. 

Have you been wondering about how you might embrace the power and beauty of the Herkimer diamond? Learn more about top Herkimer diamond uses in this article.

Herkimer Diamond Uses

1. Herkimer diamond healing

The Herkimer diamond can promote healing by increasing the body’s light energy. It is useful for relieving pain and tension, as well as boosting the immune system.

In the healing environment, the Herkimer diamond can also be used to amplify the effects of other crystals. Hold the Herkimer diamond in one hand and the crystal to be amplified in the other for the multiplying effect to occur.

Even cloudy Herkimer diamonds or those with inclusions can be effective in healing practice.

2. Herkimer diamond meditation

One of the most popular Herkimer diamond uses is with meditation. The Herkimer diamond clears the chakras, gives the body energy, and provides mental clarity. 

In this way, it is a powerful crystal for the grounding and centering that are central to the benefits of meditation practice.

The Herkimer diamond is known to be particularly effective in activating the crown and third eye chakras.

3. Herkimer diamond jewelry

Herkimer diamonds can be set in rings, pendants, necklaces, earrings, and more. They are a great alternative to their crystal cousin the traditional diamond due to their affordability and physical resemblance.

In jewelry, the simple elegance of a Herkimer diamond never goes out of style

When considering a diamond alternative, don’t even think about a manufactured diamond; the Herkimer diamond’s natural beauty and spiritual properties far exceed that of a man-made diamond.

4. Herkimer diamond decor

Add a Herkimer diamond to your home or meditation studio to transfer some of its energy to your surroundings. Its stunning brilliance will strike you at your core each day, not to mention its healing and spiritual benefits. 

Herkimer diamond specimens still set inside their native dolostone can make great conversation pieces that will amaze your guests.

5. Herkimer diamond attunement

When those who care about each other must be apart, Herkimer diamonds can be used to link them together spiritually—otherwise known as attunement. The crystals should be clustered together at first, then one passed along to each individual wishing to remain connected.

Because of their crystal memory, Herkimer diamonds can be imparted with feelings of love or well-being to transfer these to their owners.

Tips for Acquiring Herkimer Diamonds

Always make sure to get a quality specimen from a reputable seller to reap the full benefits of the Herkimer diamond. Only those originating in Herkimer County, New York can rightfully be called Herkimer Diamonds.

Learn about the crystal, where it came from, and any inclusions to understand its unique properties.

As you’ve hopefully learned, Herkimer diamonds have many uses, allowing you to take advantage of their striking appearance as well as their unique metaphysical characteristics.

Add one or many to your collection to reap the benefits of this powerful crystal.

What is a Herkimer Diamond?

What Is a Herkimer Diamond?

A unique name for a beautiful stone… exactly what is a Herkimer diamond, you may be
A Herkimer diamond is actually a type of quartz crystal. It’s known for its clarity and its
special feature of reaching a point at both ends, also known as being “doubly
terminated.” This happens because the crystal grows away from the rock where it
originally formed.
Crystals are a fascinating natural creation, and the Herkimer diamond is considered a
top specimen.
How did the Herkimer diamond get its name?
Centuries ago, workers in the area of Herkimer County, New York found a large amount
of the crystals. Because they are clear, usually colorless, and have facets, much like
traditional diamonds, they earned the name “Herkimer diamond.” The misnomer stuck
and is still used today.
The crystals were found in the area even earlier by native Americans, who prized the
stones, but they were not widely known as Herkimer diamonds until the 18th century.
Today, the Herkimer diamond is proudly considered part of the area’s history and
embraced by locals.
Herkimer diamonds may also be called Middleville diamonds or Little Falls diamonds for
areas in Herkimer County where they were found.
Where do Herkimer diamonds come from?
Though similar crystals can be found elsewhere in the world, only those originating in
Herkimer County, New York can be called Herkimer diamonds.
Herkimer diamonds form in cavities inside of dolostone, which is a rock similar to
limestone. The deposits of dolostone in New York are hundreds of millions of years old.
The cavities inside dolostone where Herkimer diamonds grow were believed to be
created by acidic water flowing through the rock. Over time as earth covered the
dolostone and temperatures increased, the quartz crystals formed. (Learn more about
how crystals grow.)

Today, there are a few commercial mines in Herkimer County where you can search for
Herkimer diamonds. They can also be found in natural areas, though make sure you
have permission to prospect from the landowner.
It is certainly a thrill to come upon one or more of these sparkly specimens!

What is a Herkimer diamond known for?
Herkimer diamonds are known for their unique physical properties:
-Exceptional clarity
– pointed at both ends
– Composed of silicon dioxide (quartz)
– Colorless to smoky
– Made of hexagonal crystals
– Common inclusions (small areas of concentrated material trapped inside the
crystal) include saltwater, petroleum, and carbon dioxide
– Rated a 7.5 on the Mohs Hardness Scale—harder than steel, glass, and regular

In addition to their beauty, Herkimer diamonds are prized for their metaphysical
properties. Known for being the most powerful of the quartz crystals, their pure light can
be used to:
– Amplify spiritual energy in meditation
– Clear the chakras
– Promote healing, pain relief, and immune defense
– Release tension
– Link people together who are physically apart (attunement)
– Encourage achievement
– Stabilize finances
What is a Herkimer diamond worth?
Considering their clarity and resemblance on the surface to carbon-based diamonds,
Herkimer diamonds are incredibly affordable. Herkimer diamonds are prized by healers
and geology enthusiasts.
They look great in jewelry or in raw form in yoga or meditation studios.
Though not as rare or hard as real diamonds, a Herkimer diamond is an impressive
natural specimen nonetheless. Many smaller Herkimer diamonds cost no more than a
meal out, whereas similarly sized real diamonds would cost thousands of dollars.
Consider the Herkimer diamond a powerful and stunning crystal that is accessible to the
everyday man. Try adding one to your collection or home and find enjoyment in its
beauty and light.


Clear Herkimer Diamond find from this weekend!

Found this beauty while getting some sunshine ( a rarity in Upstate NY). Not bad for a Saturated afternoon hike.