• Celestine or Celestite

    Celestine or Celestite (4)

    Product description Celestite is a stone of quiet strength and an serenity. It is believed to focus the mind washing away anxiety and inspiring clarity. It can assist the mind in sorting out  complicated ideas. Celestite carries pleasant energy making it good for lifting stress and sadness. A beautiful stone that helps maintain a harmonious atmosphere in times of stress--…
  • Calcite Crystals

    Calcite Crystals (2)

    Herkimer Diamond Calcite Crystals and Matrix Pieces. Direct from the Herkimer Diamond district in Upstate NY.
  • Herkimer Diamond Crystals

    Herkimer Diamond Crystals (7)

    Herkimer Diamonds, Smoky Crystals, Quartz, Calcite
  • Herkimer Diamond On Matrix

    Herkimer Diamond On Matrix (10)

    Beautiful Herkimer Diamonds on Matrix set there natural Dolotone. These display specimens can be used for a variety of purposes form educations, art, spiritual practices. The harness the natural energy of the earth and radiate beauty. All of our specimens come from the Herkimer Diamond Mine district in Middleville NY.Beautiful Herkimer Diamonds on Matrix set there natural Dolotone. these dispay…
  • Herkimer Diamond Druzy

    Herkimer Diamond Druzy (6)

    Herkimer diamond Druzy Herkimer diamond druzy grows inside the cavity's that form Herkimer Diamonds. Typically found in pockets embedded in dolostone formed over millions of years. Druzy or technically Druse is found all over the world. Herkimer Druzy is usually thousands of small crystals in uniformly lined together. There various flavours odf druzy depending on the locality. Some Druzy can…
  • Stones

    Stones (4)

    Stones of various sizes and compostions. Harvested from rivers lakes and streams for your use and to display
  • Vintage Art Prints

    Vintage Art Prints (1)

    Vintage art prints form the 20th centrury of various artists. We source these pre-owned print throughout he Northeast United States. What are different types of Art Prints? Vintage abstract,modern, impressionist, pop, cubism, surrealism, actual paintings and anything else we find funky! Our print sometimes come framed or unframed and are of varing age and quality.